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Graphic Services for Ad Specialities

Creative Solutions to Real-Life Challenges

A Skeetz Production, LLC is a domestic, full-service graphic design provider specializing in meeting the needs of businesses in the Advertising Specilties, Promotional Products, and Incentive Industries. Owner/Designer, Scott Palermo has over 21-years Art Director experience with an industry-leading distributor. He is very aware of the real-life, everyday graphic challenges we face and has become an expert at providing creative solutions in a professional manner and at an affordable price.

There will be alteration fees only for client requested revisions as our goal is to partner with you to provide professional graphic design that meets the needs of your customers. Standard turn-time is 24-hours or less and A Skeetz Production will do what it can to make accomadations for express requests. Additional fees may necessary for rush projects.


Design Services
Computer applications and a focus on production have left many graphic designers lacking in true design-skills-- not at A Skeetz Production! Be it a new logo or a full T-shirt design, there is nothing that we like more than to grab a pencil and a sketch pad and “go to town”. We will work with you or your client to make their vision a reality (or at least something you can have printed on your product).

Production Art Services
A Skeetz Production can “drop-in” copy, “change the year”, or set-up to fit in a supplier template and professionally prepare the art file to go to print. We have extensive experience with embroidery, as well as all other print methods and have worked with suppliers for many years to understand the specifications needed to produce quality decorated product.

Virtual Sample Services 
Many suppliers, now, are providing this service on their web site. When it is not available however, A Skeetz Production can put together this valuable selling tool to provide to your client and your decorator-- to be certain that everyone is “on the same page”.

Desktop Publishing Services 
Desktop Publishing now includes both print and web site graphics. A Skeetz Production can assist you or your clients with either, incorporating traditional design fundamentals with a contemporary approach to deliver the intended message to the audience. Email advertising, event invitations, press releases, newsletters and meeting agendas are just a few of the professional products we produce.

Creative Office Services
Have you got that big RFP, RFO, or a major presentation for your top client? A Skeetz Production can take your Office® document, “make it pretty” and keep it functional with images, graphics and even animation designed to match your own brand.

Photography Editing Services
We can’t exactly perform miracles, but with PhotoShop® and a little know-how, A Skeetz Production can come close. Common requests include: changing product color, adding a logo, “cloning-out” something and making me look 15 pounds “skinnier”... Yes. We can do that.

Branding Services
Don’t forget about your most important client-- your own company. A Skeetz Production can provide you with the branding services to take your name to the next level. Integrate all your correspondence, advertisement and communication into a cohesive, consistent message to your clients and prospective clients.